Pro Tactical RMR Red Dot Sight 1077 Adjustable Reflex Sight seismic sight


Color: Black
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The Tactical Mini Red Dot Reflex Sight is a fantastic little red dot sight, perfect for SMGs and pistols like the MP5 PDW and P90. Micro reflex sights are great for quick target acquisition and rapid transitioning from target to target. This reflex sight features two main modes of light, low and high, which make it great for both indoor CQB and outdoor field play. This little sight comes in a big package including a dusting cloth, lens cover, and all the necessary hardware to disassemble the entire sight. This unit is powered by a single Cr2032 battery, which is included.


Suitable for GLOCK 17 19, 20mm guide rail
Material: aluminum alloy
Magnification: 1x
Mode: 1 MOA dot
Battery: CR2032
Size: 45*35*20mm

1*20mm bracket
1*Glock base (28.5mm)
1*Mirror cloth
1*CR2032 battery


GTIN- Does Not Apply

MPN- Does Not Apply

BRAND- TheG'days

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